Choosing the perfect generator that suits your Philadelphia home

Power outages can happen whether or not you live in a cold climate. Several things can cause a home to lose power, from issues like a telephone being struck down by a car, to natural disasters like  hurricanes; any of these can cause power outage.

Take it from a Philadelphia Contractor, this is why HOAs, landlords and property managers, might need to have a generator for emergencies to ensure that your family are warm, happy and safe.

Here are 4 questions to ask yourself when searching for the perfect generator for you:

How much power do I really need? The utilities and appliances you’re likely to use in an emergency is what determines your power usage. Your choice of generator size should be based on the number of watts you think you’ll use.

Do you prefer a standby or portable generator? Though portable units are quite handy for contractor & home renovation jobs and also for some emergencies, however, they don’t generate as much power and there’s no automatic on switch, it has to be turned on manually. In addition, standby generators are more expensive, but they’re more powerful and can come on automatically as soon as the power goes out.

Which fuel suits you best? Generators use different types of fuels, it could be diesel, propane, natural gas or gasoline. You must first evaluate delivery options, cost and availability of all the options close to your Philadelphia neighborhood and your ability to store the fuel.

How often is it going to be in use? Again, if you are a contractor or will be doing any home renovations or if you  feel you are more likely to experience power outages. In these cases, you might require a stronger generator, at least compared to people in communities that barely experience power outages.