Philadelphia Spring House Projects

10 Spring Projects for Your Philadelphia Home

We talked to Joe White, a property manager & owner of Grow Property Management on what his company considers important to do to prep Philadelphia properties for spring. (For Tips on Managing Your House in a Snowstorm)
Here’s what we took away:

Spring is the ideal time to get ahead when it comes to your to-do list, not only because of balmy temperature but also because of the longer days. As a result, ten maintenance projects that need to be at the top of your to-do list before summer rolls around will be pinpointed in this piece.

Restain and reseal wood structures. Wood structures such as decks, steps, fences, and railing need to be re-stained and re-sealed. With this, the appearance will be revitalized, splinters prevented and longevity enhanced.

Inspect your roof. It is significant to ensure that your shingles are not loose, damaged, or missing since the snow has now melted. This can be done effortlessly with the use of binoculars or a camera enhanced with excellent zoom function, so it doesn’t require you climbing on a ladder before it can be checked.

Patch your driveway. It is possible you have either potholes or cracks as a result of winter’s constant freezing and thawing, so patch it up if you do.

Replace cracked concrete. Make sure that cracked concrete on sidewalks and pathways are replaced.

Check your sprinklers. Ensure that every head of your sprinkler works appropriately and don’t forget to get any which are hitting streets or building adjusted.

Clean debris out of the gutter. When you are preparing for spring showers, begin by cleaning up the trash out of the drain and ensure that water from the building is effectively moved away by downspouts.

Repair screen doors and windows. For bugs to be kept out, ensure small tears are patched, and those that are damaged beyond repair should be replaced.

Schedule an HVAC service appointment. Have your filters changed for allergens to be trapped. In addition to that, ensure that you have an efficient running system before temperatures become uncontrollable and you will be the happiest person come July.

Check for termites. Usually, termites and other insects swarm during the springs, so the best thing to do when you see damaged woodwork or notices any winged insect is to give a pest control company a ring immediately. Taking preemptive action at the right time is a worthy investment. For instance, getting rid of stagnant water will undoubtedly prevent mosquitoes. Flip over work carts and different wellsprings of standing water, and ensure that water basins and fish ponds don't become stagnant.

It is advisable to take into consideration, hiring a property manager that will assist you in taking care of your maintenance projects as well as other essential duties if you are inundated by your to-do list. By clicking the button below, you will have access to free quotes from the property manager. Hurry now!