Philadelphia Renovation Company

Another layer of paint means a facelift for your Philadelphia home. Read Article Can a Tree Increase Value for a Philadelphia Rental Property?

In Philadelphia, we may have a very nice pool climate, but having your dream pool built might leave you submerged – usually, they are home reno cash pits. Rather, the most excellent fix-ups of all sizes and shapes which quite often improve the value of your home will be discussed in this content.

Front Door

In Philadelphia it’s curb appeal, people. This vocal point might have been missed even though it is right there in front of you. However, the overall vibe of your house can indeed be refreshed with a replacement door, or a new coat of paint on it, as well as new hardware.

New Paint

Giving your house a facelift means a fresh coat of paint, improving the appearance from good to excellent. For reference, it is recommended to repaint wood between three to seven years, while five to six years is approved for stucco.

Anything Eco-wise

Having appliances with low-water replaced with low-energy options will give you bragging rights in a Philadelphia real estate listing because it shows that your house is up-to-date. Some of the smart-money options include tankless water heater, a front-loading washing machine, and new insulation in the attic.

Kitchens (see  The Parts of a Kitchen Remodeling Project You Can DIY)

The dream of every home chef is a gut renovation of everything which includes taking some space from a neighboring room. It might be sufficient if you just have the cabinet doors, countertop, and flooring changed.


According to Joe White, a property manager with Grow Property Management, a top Philadelphia property management company, kitchens and bathrooms are what sell houses and finds rental tenants. In case you're flush, go for a gut remodel with luxury surfaces such as marble or tile mosaic, as long as the plan is spotless and great. If not, swapping out sink and shower equipment and re-grouting tile are upbeat alternatives.

French Doors

Want your house to feel roomier? For warm climates, make use of this custom-made trick. Have windows on a family room, den or dining replaced with French doors which open into an outside patio. All of a sudden, we are on the Riviera.

Giving more attention to your house’s square footage that will not increase the value of your home is not advisable. Instead, have your outdoor space upgraded. Exploit our delightful climate by adding an awning to a porch region and make an open-air living space.