Philadelphia Kitchen Renovation Mistakes

Without a doubt, it is expensive for a kitchen to be remodeled (See The Parts of a Kitchen Remodeling Project You Can DIY.  According to remodeling magazine, it costs nothing less than $56,768 for a major kitchen remodel.  While this is a one estimate fits-all number, making mistakes that can double that number is really not advisable. Before you start remodeling your kitchen, take note of these three unbearable mistakes and how they can be avoided.

Mistake no. 1: Not planning ahead for your major appliances

First and foremost, ensure that you have accurate knowledge of what the sizes of your major appliances including stove, sink, oven, and refrigerator have to be. This is significant especially if you are purchasing new kitchen cabinets or if you are having your layout switched up. The reason is that you will have no choice other than buying new appliances or start again from the beginning if your modern appliances won’t match your new kitchen design. That is to say, if your significant appliances are either too big or too small. Choosing either of the two options will be very costly.

How to avoid it: Before you begin your remodeling, have your appliances measure accurately. Make a decision whether you want to have them kept or if you are going for the new ones. After that, let your interior designer know what you have decided.

Mistake no. 2: Installing your own kitchen cabinets

Nothing can gainsay the fact that you will have some money saved if your install your own kitchen cabinets. However, avoiding issues with your countertop by leveling them with the wall can be a real problem. As a result, it is advisable if you leave the job to remodeling experts. If it is not done appropriately, it may leave a gap between your countertop and the top of your cabinet, and that will need to be patched by the professionals. In fact, the cabinets might need to be reinstalled if the problem is not repairable.

How to avoid it: Have your cabinets installed by a professional modeler, handyman or custom cabinet. Yes, it might cost more at the beginning but without the emotional stress of having your cabinets re-installed or paying experts for you to have your mistakes corrected.

Mistake no. 3: Picking style over function

It is good not only for resale value but also for your own satisfaction if you design with a particular style in mind. On the other hand, picking style over function will be a very costly mistake because your kitchen space might not be suitable with the style of your choice. Your kitchen is meant for work, so don’t be caught up in aesthetic. You will not be comfortable with your cooking if the workspace is not well-organized, and that will force you to get a functional kitchen design by spending more money.

How to avoid it: Don’t pick style over function when you want to have your kitchen design. Think about employing a remodeler or planner who can assist you to map out the plan as well as workflow before you start the construction.

Asking yourself the following questions is highly essential for you to get the expected result. Do you have your stove in the perfect spot? Is your storage space for dishware enough? Is your countertop space enough? Would cabinet drawers be the best for your back compared to cabinet doors? These are the right questions and not whether you desire a modern or traditional kitchen design. Functional design depends on the way you put your kitchen to use.