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The $150 Way to Up Your Philadelphia Home’s Resale Value by Almost $1,500

Undoubtedly, most Philadelphia home owners  wouldn’t have thought this!

It is a known fact that managing a house is not the number one thing on most Philadelphia property owner’s fun list: however, an easy way through which a Philadelphia home can be improved with a greater value for your money is quite simple and painless.

According to Joe White, a property manager with Grow Property Management, that out of  50,000 houses sold all over the country that were surveyed that the amount realized from the homes with yellow kitchens was $1,360 over the expected amount.

What was more shocking was that compared to market values, houses with white kitchens sold for far less. (see our article on Benefits of Working with a Kitchen Design Pro) According to a Joe White, the reason he sees with his own property management client properties is that warm neutrals with a mass interest show that either the previous owner had a passion for design or the house was well maintained. However, the fear of keeping white spotless can make the potential buyers to lose interest.

So hire a Philadelphia painter to slap on a coat of some great paint colors and tune in for the cha-ching.